Unique De'Vine released the Black Rose Ep which included 6 records where Unique speaks of many personal times. Produced by John Q owner of Mars Studio.

The Black Rose EP is available at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other online retailers. Visit and download your copy today!


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Make sure you check out Unique De'vine's short film Last Words a true story of the loss of her mother  Sophia Nuñez  who passed away April 2006. 

"My mother always told  us to follow our dreams . In every birthday card that was all that she would mention." So this is what I feel I must do " -Unique De'VIne

 The soulful new voice of indie hip-hop.  Her recent release, The Black Rose EP is a melancholy storyline set to a jazzy blend of rhythm and blues music.  Guitar licks and piano runs underscore different powerhouse singers as Unique paints a vivid and touching picture of her coming of age story.  Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, Unique's life was forever changed when her mother was tragically killed in a serial murder case which made national headlines in 2006: "The Baseline Killer"  As she describes it, "Sometimes the inspiration comes from darkness…my darkness" and so her alter ego the Black Rose was born.  Her stories and exploits as a lover and artist carry a touch of that darkness in songs like "Numbers Game" and "Bittersweet Love". 

The Black Rose EP features production that easily compares to the works of Dangermouse, Zero 7, or the Gorillaz. Her sultry voice and moody lyrics can be described as the rap version of a young Tracy Chapman.  Unique performs throughout the southwest US with her band, headed by her producer and co-writer John Q.  Together they've crafted an EP and live production that fills the senses and speaks to us with a raw honesty that is seldom heard in modern hip hop music.