• Numbers Game (feat. MJ Roads)4:51
  • Sin, Subside, Ghost (feat. Terick Lamont)4:43
  • Bittersweet Love (feat. Lisa Finé)4:08
  • Black Rose3:55
  • Just Once (feat. MJ Roads, John Q, & Zee Dubb)4:06
  • Nightmares (feat. Warren "Diezel" Terrell)4:17

This is not hip-hop.  At least that's not how it started.  I just needed an easier way to talk about it.  I think people need to hear that someone's out there going through the same things.  Real things. What is the Black Rose?  I was 16 when my mother was taken from me; and so sometimes the inspiration comes from darkness - my darkness.  We couldn't make it too pretty.  It had to be a little raw.  Songs about love. Songs about betrayal.  Songs about loss.  Songs about being lost.

This is for you.

Unique De'Vine